Arlex Campos footprint in Wynwood, Miami

Among the most important goals for the urban artist, Arlex Campos, was the fact of seeing part of his work reflected in el District of Wynwood , listed as an area where multiple Street Art artists have left their mark. On this occasion, the artist painted at the event known as Meeting of Styles on the streets of Wynwood, known one of the districts of urban art of great importance in the United States.

In this sense, the importance of this Urban Art District for Arlex resides in how emblematic is for Street Art artists, inside and outside the United States. Here’s a bit of history about art in the Wynwood District and its relevance.

A little history about The Wynwood District

The Wynwood District is located in the city of Miami. It is a renowned place because it houses the largest concentration of urban art in the country . Countless artists and muralists from around the world have put their talents on the walls of the district, with far-reaching masterpieces.

Within the district, is a place highly sought after by urban artists. This is the Wynwood Walls Gallery. It was founded in 2009 by two visionaries of the futuristic aesthetic, Tony Goldman and Jeffrey Deitch , in order to disseminate and promote urban artists inside and outside the US Today, it is one of the key objectives for Arlex Campos, since one of his goals is to leave his artistic mark.

The idea of ​​this open gallery is based on expand the scope of Street Art and, at the same time, showcase underground artists, giving them international recognition. This is one of the reasons why Arlex wishes to represent Venezuela at Wynwood Walls through his stencil technique.

This artistic macro project showcases the extraordinary power of urban aesthetic , from an entertaining setting with a neighborhood undertone, which Jeffrey Deitch, co-founder, considers the“ Museum of the Streets ”. Quickly, The Wynwood Walls became an important art scene, seeking that the graffiti and street art were recognized as art, as they were not appreciated or respected on a social and historical level.

According to another of its founders, Tony Goldman: “Wynwood’s large stock of warehouse buildings, all windowless, would be my giant canvases to bring you the best street art ever seen in one place.”

Portrait of Frida

Based on this idea of ​​the giant canvases of the Wynwwod District, Campos wanted to provide a sample of his great technique by capturing a portrait of Frida Kahlo , based on CMYK printing color order (four-color process of colors such as yellow, cyan / blue, magenta and black, between other combinations) and using the stencil technique to achieve depth in the portrait .

Finally, this first feat of Arlex was accomplished in the year 2018 , when the artist managed to stamp his ingenuity and talent on the Frida Kahlo mural on the walls of the Wynwood District, thus achieving another advance in his artistic career.

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