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How to order personalized paintings and murals from our website?

The Paintings by Arlex Campos are works of Street Art perfect for decorating any space and giving gifts to loved ones who appreciate art. Likewise, his murals are projects that you can request through his website with the features offered or by contacting him and his team.

Request Arlex Campos paintings easily

From his website, Arlex Campos offers his Street Art works to everyone, since he is part of the Venezuelan artists in Miami who have managed to expand their work artistic transcending borders. However, the process for ordering paintings and murals is different from the procedure you must carry out to purchase a product or accessory from the section called “Store”. Here you will learn how to do it.

When entering our website scroll to: “menu” and enter: “wish list”, once there you will see prices and three boxes where you can select the characteristics that the box you want could have such as “character” and “size ”.

Now, if you can’t find what you need and you want to make your painting more personalized, go to the section that says: “Go to Messenger” so that you can contact Arlex Campos directly, who will make your dream painting come true.

How to order the Arlex Campos murals?

The process to request the murals of murals of Arlex Campos is similar to that of the paintings, since you must enter in the same section of “wish list”, only In this case, it is best to contact the artist or his work team directly, through the option “go to Messenger” or by writing to his social networks (instagram: @arlexcampos) to specify how, where, from whom or about what the mural will be, in short, information that you must clearly detail to obtain a good result.

In contrast, if the Arlex Campos paintings that it offers on its website have the features you require, the process is simpler because you would have to choose the character, the size , add some other detail in the blank box that is before “going to Messenger” and then proceed to the “add to cart” option. Payments can be made with PayPal and with debit or credit cards, while shipments and deliveries will depend on your location.

Arlex Campos offers the best art gifts

Arlex Campos has a wide range of products and art gifts that you can purchase in the “shop” section of their website.

You enter the side bar, select the option of your preference (accessories, paintings, decorations, clothing), add to the cart, confirm the price and complete the purchase. For Venezuelans in the United States and other audiences interested in acquiring Arlex’s art, deliveries vary between 5 and 8 days.

If the orders are from Europe, the delivery time will be 10 to 12 business days and may incur customs charges that you should know. Remember to correctly enter your shipping address and postal code to avoid problems and additional costs.

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